Working in defence and civilian hazardous environments


Although the core of Valent’s work is in the defence and security sectors its invasive technology is equally applicable in many environments.

Defence & Security

Valent have a long track record in these sectors working with organisations on 4 continents designing solutions and providing equipment and training for CBRN/EOD challenges.  Our kit and personnel have deployed with...

Monica System - the business end  Drilling into a suspect IED

We work in the CT, stockpile destruction, CBRN and EOD arenas  

Also work closely with international organisations involved in the investigation and destruction of CB threats worldwide.

Robotic pipe investigation system Civil Nuclear

An emerging market for Valent it nonetheless is proving to be particularly suitable for invasive technology where the ability to access hazardous area is invaluable.  Working with commercial partners in the industry Valent have had their technology on major decommissioning projects within the UK and are currently at an early stage looking at work overseas.


Valent have proven how adaptable their equipment is by having it deployed using a 30m PRM into a heavily contaminated area to order to investigate potential hazards.

Toxic Industrial Chemicals (TICs)

In many ways dealing with TICs is similar to dealing with military chemical munitions in that there is a sealed vessel which contains something very hazardous but with which there needs to be action……..

Disposal of Triethylaluminium cylinders  Disposal of Triethylaluminium cylinders

Valent technology has been used against a variety of TICs and has successfully been able to investigate and dispose of Hydrofluoric acid and acetylene amongst others.