MATS Monica Agent Transfer System

MATS (Monica Agent Transfer System) is a lightweight and compact system designed to empty and backflush munitions, IEDs or containers of TICs (Toxic Industrial Chemicals) once they have been accessed by the Monica Case Entry System. Simple to use it provides an essential capability for any CBRN/EOD team.

MATS - Monica Agent Transfer System in action  Setting Up MATS - Monica Agent Transfer System

In common with the Monica system, MATS is powered by compressed air and will rapidly and controllably decant even highly viscous fills from targets. The penetration used for sampling is utilised to pressurise the target which effectively blows out the agent into a sealed container.  Once the agent is removed, fully sealed decontamination of the device is possible without exposing operatives or their environment to the contents at any stage in the process.  Decontaminant or other solutions may be introduced into, then removed, from the target any number of times until all the contents have been fully neutralised.

In common with all our products it is designed to be simple and intuitive to use, even when wearing full Personal Protetective Equipment (PPE). The MATS system is provided packaged in a standard size, rugged “Peli’case with a weight of under 10kg.

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MATS System Brochure