• Highly portable, fit in pocket technology
  • Automatic drilling & sealing
  • Fast liquid & gas sampling

Midas probe and driver Midas sampling system in action

No non-invasive technique can precisely establish the true chemical composition of the contents of a sealed container. In order to provide sufficient information for appropriate action to be taken a  physical sample is required. Although MMICs Monica sampling & disposal system has many advantages, there are situations where the ability to rapidly take a small sample of the contents of a container is preferable.

For this reason Valent has developed the Midas disposable sampler, allowing access to the contents of a container using a simple, safe, reliable and leak-free approach.  Applications include the sampling of suspected CW (chemical warfare) materials and TICs (toxic industrial chemicals).

The equipment consists of a drilling probe and torque driver which is powered by a standard battery drill.  Capable of penetrating targets with a wall thickness of up to 8mm,the 10mm cutter, can cope with metal (including stainless steel), plastic or wood. As it drills the system installs an integral seal which prevents leakage during and after drilling.  The process is as simple as drilling with a normal drill bit.  To ensure the seal is tightened up correctly the torque driver delivers the correct torque to the probe during the sealing process and can be reused with multiple probes. Once complete a sample can be drawn using a MMIC Mk3 syringe.

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