The Monica Remote Case Entry System is the only equipment in the world which allows EOD/CBRN teams to quickly investigate and neutralise chemical and biological threats by dealing directly with the internal contents.  It can insert a probe through the target wall without allowing any release of the contents into the surrounding environment. The only totally reliable technique for analysis of contents, chemical or biological, is to take and analyse a physical sample.

Monica on a suspect CW IED 

  • In-situ sampling of CB munitions and IEDs
  • Any target, size, shape or material
  • Fast, safe investigation and neutralisation

The unique, field proven technology can access the contents of any munition for sampling, flushing, decontamination or investigation without releasing the contents.

Accessing an Iraqi CW rocket  Sampling the internal contents

Fully portable with no need for mains power, the target can be sampled and drained a short time after arrival on site. The technology can be attached to any target, with even limited access, and in any position. Once drilled, the target can be sampled, drained and decontaminated through the same probe without the need for further drilling.

Standard chemical agent monitors depend on a significant release of agent into the environment in order to function. Non-invasive detection methods such as Neutron Activation Analysis (NAA) can provide information on the elemental composition of contained materials but no direct evidence of their chemical structure.

The system is very simple to use in PPE.

  • Attaches directly to the target, regardless of its diameter, and will attach safely and reliably to a range of surfaces without any surface preparation of the target.
  • No operator set-up is required to deal with different wall thickness or case diameter.
  • Power is supplied by compressed air from standard SCBA or other compressed air cylinders making the system man-portable and extremely reliable.
  • The equipment can be easily deployed from a single small vehicle by a two-man team in under five minutes.

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Monica System Brochure